Our goal is to provide a regular venue for both emerging and established makers to sell their work.  We also aim to provide our visitors with a diverse range of fresh produce, baked goods and unique work handmade local creatives, designers, artisans and the like.


Our shoppers are looking for unique designs that cannot be found elsewhere.   Therefore, we try to ensure there is a variety of items on display at all times. While you are always welcome to apply for any event, to ensure the best experience for our customers as well as our vendors it is necessary to limit the number of like products/vendors (i.e. jewelry, candles and certain types of takeaway foods).  As such, we carefully review all vendor applications, and make our selections based on specific criteria.  Therefore, please understand that acceptance and non-acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of KDA Markets and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting the approved product criteria, quality, product distribution, diversity (market mix) and availability.

Please be sure to read the VENDOR GUIDELINES & AGREEMENT at the end of the application. You only need to apply one time, which adds you to the vendor mailing list. Our monthly email will inform you of upcoming markets and other market opportunities.


All Vendors should  carefully review and sign the Market Operating Rules and Regulations and Vendor Agreement in order to participate in any market.  


CLICK HERE for full details on our market operations, guidelines and agreement.


All products offered for sale at our markets must be made, baked, bred, created, designed or grown by the applicant. Therefore, certain products will not be accepted.  This means that products that are clearly imported or made overseas, purchased from a wholesaler or are deemed inappropriate (for example, discriminatory or offensive) by management will not be considered.

Each seller must be the original producer of the items sold. Sellers may designate personal representatives to attend the Market (family members, employees, etc.)


While some of the businesses we work with will accept commercial products, direct sales companies/representatives and second hand products, KDA Markets does not accept such type of vendors for markets we personally host.  However, we will consider vendors that may fall in these categories for our market affiliates we work with.  So please feel free to apply.




There is an annual membership fee of $20.00 that is non-refundable and non-transferable.   Vendors may participate in one market before submitting requested fee. The Annual Membership Fee allows each participating member to:

  • Access to sign up and participate in any event hosted by KDA Markets provided our maximum number of vendors have not been met.  

  • A listing on our website with a link to your business website, Etsy or social media page.

  • Receive additional promotion through our social media platforms, and other small business resources

  • Opportunities to participate in our Vendor Referral Program.  

All giving you more visibility to potential customers; thereby, providing you with additional sales opportunities.


Booth fees will fluctuate per event, depending on the type of event, time of year, the venue, and other factors. Your booth fee includes the following:​

  • Your booth space is typically a 10x10' depending on venue unless otherwise informed.

  • Listing in our online maker directory

  • Social media features


The registration page for each market will list specifics including booth fee, market time, location, and how big each space is.

Each additional booth incurs an additional fee.   Booth space is not guaranteed or secured for the vendor until all required documents and agreement have been submitted and payments has been made.  Booth space is filled on a first come, first served basis according to date of approval and processed payment.

KDA MARKETS does not guarantee space availability for any market, unless the vendor has been confirmed for that market.

VENDOR SELECTION/application Process

We will review and respond to your application within 2 days. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, please email kdamarkets@hotmail.com.  Vendors should review the application and the selection criteria carefully and submit accurate descriptions and links to work to ensure your application can be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  1. Complete the application form which is available through the “Become A Vendor” link.  You may also request an application and agreement/contract via mail or e-mail.  Please send application requests to KDAMarkets@hotmail.com .  All items on the application must be completed.  Sales and Tax Permit and Vendor Agreement/Contract must accompany your submitted application.  A signed agreement must be submitted in order to participate in any market.

  2. The Market’s Application Committee will review the application packet and either accept or reject it for our events.

  3. The KDA MARKETS will notify applicants regarding the Committee’s decision.

If your application is approved


You will be sent an approval email containing the following:

  • An invoice for the Membership Fee.

  • A link to our online booking tool for which you may register  for upcoming market dates. You may register for as many dates as you want, subject to availability. 



  1. ​Once you are an approved Vendor, you will be eligible to register for any future market days as they become available without having to re-apply.

  2. Visit our online booking tool to register for many events you'd like.  Once your event registration is approved, an e-mail with payment instructions will be sent to the contact person listed on the application. DO NOT submit payment prior to receiving an approval e-mail as the number of producers per category/industry may be limited when necessary to maintain market balance.  

  3. Booth reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be secured until full payment is received. 

  4. Vendors will receive an e-mail confirming they are registered for an event email.

  5. Confirmed vendors will receive an e-mail containing details of the booked event no later than the week leading to the event.