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Thank you for your interest in showcasing your products within our market community! We would love to consider showcasing your creative goods at one or more of our upcoming market events.  This is purely an application. Your application will pass through our curatorial team and if selected for the market(s) you are interested in, you will then receive an email with additional information.  At the moment, there is no application fee.


Our goal is to provide a regular venue for both emerging and established makers and small businesses to sell their work.  We aim to provide our visitors with a diverse range of fresh produce, baked goods and unique work handmade local creatives, designers, artisans and the like.


Our shoppers are looking for unique designs that cannot be found elsewhere.   Therefore, we try to ensure there is a variety of items on display at all times. While you are always welcome to apply for any event, to ensure the best experience for our customers as well as our vendors it is necessary to limit the number of like products/vendors (i.e. jewelry, candles and certain types of takeaway foods).  As such, we carefully review all vendor applications, and make our selections are based on specific criteria.  Therefore, please understand that acceptance and non-acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of KDA Markets and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting the approved product criteria, quality, product distribution, diversity (market mix) and availability.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES (Optional But Highly Recommended)

There is an annual membership fee of $25.00 that is non-refundable and non-transferable.   The Annual Membership offers member of our Vendor Family discounted booth rates on all booth fees for a full year.


We will review and respond to your application within 2 days. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, please email  Vendors should review the application and the selection criteria carefully and submit accurate descriptions and links to work to ensure your application can be reviewed.

  1.  Complete the application form which is available through the “Become A Vendor” link.  All items with an estericks must be completed. 

  2.  DO NOT leave any fields blank.  If you do not have a website, Etsy, Instagram and/or Facebook, you must enter N/A in those fields and  attach product pictures to your profile/application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  3.  Once an application is received by our team, our team will review it and make a decision based on several factors.

  4. If your application is approved,  KDA MARKETS will notify applicants regarding the Committee’s decision. via e-mail with additional instructions.  Once you are an approved Vendor, you will be eligible to register for any future market days as they become available without having to re-apply.

  5. If you are planning to purchase the Annual Membership, please do so prior to purchasing your booth space.  Booth reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be secured until full payment is received.   

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