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KDA Markets is a modern, curated market providing a desirable shopping experience for the community.  It's packed with a wide selection of local farmers and talented "k"reatives, designers, artisans as well as farmers, bakers, cottage foods, entrepreneurs and small businesses with Texas roots. 


We pride ourselves in selecting a rotation of vendors that appeal to a diverse, community of shoppers looking to discover who unique,  high quality crafts, products, services, some of the best food in Texas and much more.

Covid, has challenged America in many ways causing many people to tap into their natural talents to provide alternative means of income for their families.  Our ultimate objective is to provide avenues through which local artisans can market their goods and showcase their talents, build their brand and grow their business.

We hope you'll visit us at the market soon!

become a vendor

Come and join the KDA Market family! We're always looking for creatives, makers and growers to join us and add their unique flair to our market mix.


Our markets provide vendors the opportunity to showcase their talents and get directly in front of their target customers and establish a loyal following. 


Are you a community organization or charity looking to extend your reach?

KDA Markets reaches a broad cross section of the community through our markets.  In addition, our visitors have the community at heart! If you would like a free booth at one of our events, please apply now by contacting us  at KDAMarkets@hotmail.com


We support other business who share our vision and passion. 

We welcome opportunities to help develop and facilitate action plans to produce new traffic to your business thereby generating additional income and create relationships with potential new customers.  Contact us at KDAMarkets@hotmail.com

Oficial Annual Flyer - Market at the Sta
Official Annual Flyer - CyFair Open Air

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