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Hello and Welcome! I'm Keisha. I've spent several years participating in markets with my own brand and helping business owners and venues build their markets.

Curating a market has been a deeply rooted passion of mine for over two years.  My goal is to be the community social hub and incubator for natural goods and resources, artisans, farmers, and small businesses by providing a regular venue for both emerging and established makers to sell their work.  We believe that Houston and our surrounding areas have a unique and inspiring culture for creativity.


The current pandemic, has challenged Houstonians in many ways causing many people to tap into their natural talents to provide alternative means of income for their families. Further, increasing my passion and motivation to provide avenues through which local artisans can market their goods and showcase their talents, build their brand and grow their business.

KDA MARKETS is a Christian business; we specializes in coordinating, managing, promoting and hosting Farmers Markets, Craft Shows, Pop Up Shops, Expos, Festivals and Fairs throughout Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Our Team

Our team is made up of enthusiastic people who are dedicated to our mission. Our goal is to provide a regular venue for both emerging and established makers and farmers to sell their goods.

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